The Song of My Soul is Out of Control

Poetry for Real People in Doubt

by Frank Stepnowski

The Song of My Soul is Out of Control

The Song of My Soul is Out of Control

Poetry for Real People in Doubt

by Frank Stepnowski

Published Dec 12, 2019
195 Pages
Genre: POETRY / General


Book Details

This book probably isn't for you.

This book probably isn’t for you;

you never felt alone in a room full of people

This book probably doesn’t apply to you;

you never lashed out at someone because you loved them, needed them, but they just couldn’t understand you.

There’s no reason to read this book, because

you’ve never burned so hot with anger that it threatened to consume you, and then hated yourself for feeling that way.

You don’t need to know that others feel like you, because you never felt that ending your life would actually be easier than living, and that your absence would actually make everyone around you happier.

You’ve never been that deep in doubt.

This book probably isn’t for you.

Unless it is.


About the Author

Frank Stepnowski

Frank Stepnowski is the author of four other books, including the controversial Retribution: A Teacher Strikes Back. He has been an unwelcome guest on numerous podcasts and the uninteresting subject of a variety of media interviews. Despite his subpar intellect and the fact that he possesses no useful skillset, “Step,” as his ever-dwindling circle of friends call him, managed to accumulate a 30+ year teaching career, raise five exceptional human beings, and maintain a 25 year marriage to a woman that reminds him, daily, that he outkicked his coverage. Step resides in New Jersey and Florida because he loves fucked up weather and fucked up people, for whom he will continue to write books that are even worse than this one.

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