Coming Home

Book 4, Douglas Family Saga

by DL Larson


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The Douglas Family saga continues with... Coming Home by DL Larson

Will Douglas is dead. Ruf misses his grandfather, but knows too, Gramps would tell him to get on with his life, find an adventure. Ruf believes horse racing will give him plenty of adventures. Then Hattie Carter spies on him, wanting to be friends. The girl talks too much. Ruf soon discovers she is lonely and heartsick for her folks. She shares secrets with him no one else knows. He might have to become a vagabond if his grandmother finds out he’s ruined sweet Hattie’s reputation.

Elizabeth is lonely for Will but young Hattie Carter has moved in with her and brightens the old cabin with her youthful enthusiasm. She wants to know about the Indians and the life Will and Elizabeth led so long ago. Even when her adopted son visits, Elizabeth doesn’t want to think of those days, long gone now. She hopes her son-in-law Francis will find peace at last and is intrigued that a woman has finally caught his attention. Maybe her grandchildren Jim and Crystal will find happiness after all if Francis lets another woman into his life.

Francis Frailey doesn’t need a woman. Or so that’s what he has told his family for more than three years since his lovely wife passed away. But his employer’s wife has other ideas and Francis is introduced to yet another niece. Her name is Mary Anderson, fresh in from Louisville. Francis is not going to spend the summer escorting this woman about. Except Mary Anderson has plans of her own he soon discovers.


About the Author

DL Larson

About the Author DL Larson lives in northern Illinois with her farming family. Grandparenting has become her favorite hobby and be damned with housework. Coming Home is the fourth book in the Douglas Family series. DL promises to be more diligent in her writing, and the sequel, Back Home Again, is not far from publication. Look for it soon. DL was an author in the 2019 Windy City Romance Anthology, A Wicked Appetite. Her short story is titled, Vandalism Romance. All proceeds during 2019 went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in honor of A. Lynn Wall, a passed Windy City Romance member. All books by DL Larson may be purchased through Leave a review! Visit DL at her website: http//

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