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A major disaster at JFK Airport in New York killed people and destroyed aircraft. It alarmed the nation, but also emphasized the necessity to eliminate any opportunity for cyber hackers to control computers and any digital systems in use anywhere.

President of the United States, Ray Gill, had appointed Craig Johnson as Secretary of the Treasury, and his wife Kitty Johnson as the chief analyst in the department. Hacks into various financial records, and the theft of funds from various company investment accounts further emphasized opportunities for physical disaster as well as major financial crimes that could even devastate the economy of nations.

After completing his second term as president of the United States, Ray Gill partnered with Craig and Kitty to develop a company, Magneticus. They created innovative software and hardware that could control any cyber system anywhere. They developed systems that could amplify sound waves and sunlight and direct them at any electrical system and destroy its ability to function.

In retribution for actions of Russia, Iran and North Korea, the United States hacked and entered their communication systems that demonstrated the capability to control rogue country intentions.

This novel is a work of fiction. It introduces scientific concepts in a science fiction mode that offer real possibilities for development.


About the Author

Gil Alligood

Gil Alligood retired as a consulting engineer and began writing novels. He also retired as a pilot and colonel in the United States Air Force. He flew into many nations and in several areas of military conflict. His sensitivity to the losses of life in wars inspired him to develop the concept of the quiet war. He is a Christian, teaches Sunday school, and uses those principles in the conduct of his characters, particularly Craig and Kitty. They are always concerned about the morality of their actions and the effect on people. He still flies his Piper Arrow airplane. He and his wife use it for pleasure and travel. Previous novels he has published are, The Devil’s Pace, Dark Paths to Light, Team Alpha, and Firsthand Knowledge.

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