Lion's Rage

The Manchurian Chronicles

by Dan Blair


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Scotland Yard’s finest hunts a serial killer A roller coaster ride of twists and turns

Detective Inspector Sean McClarey is back in Scotland Yard and facing the most baffling case of his career, the Manchurian Chronicles. Following his year-long rehabilitation after being tortured at the hands of a psychopath, McClarey is working in Scotland Yard’s High Crimes Unit. Murders are being committed in the greater London area by individuals with no proclivity for violence or criminal behavior. The bizarre thread connecting these cases: the obvious perpetrators have no memory of committing the crimes in which they’ve been caught red-handed, and are at a loss for how they happened on the scenes of their mayhem. McClarey’s frustration builds with his preliminary investigation turning up no connections between these heinous crimes. As the bodies pile up, he calls on his former colleague, Daly Ford, an ex-FBI profiler and LAPD detective who now consults on serial murders. Their search leads them to suspect a veiled mastermind is manipulating hapless individuals to do his bidding. Our sleuthing duo’s pursuit leads them on a winding path to unmask the real killer and end his string of murders in London’s suburbs. As they close in on this mysterious and shadowy figure, he strikes back. Now the hunters have become the hunted. To solve this case, they must first survive the ruthless killer’s onslaught. Their lives and the lives of their loved ones, are at risk…and survival depends on escaping ghosts from the past whom have returned to haunt them. Will they be able to stop the killer before he adds them to his growing list of victims? Or will they become a tragic chapter in the Manchurian Chronicles?


About the Author

Dan Blair

Dan Blair authored his first book, Pretty Blue Death in 2017, reviewed by Carol Hoyer of Reader Views as “one of the most unique suspense thrillers I have read in a while.” Pretty Blue Death was also a Reader Views, Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner for 2018 and received an official “4 out of 4 stars” review from Dan and his wife, Ronda, live in southern Ohio and enjoy their kids, grandkids, friends and traveling the globe.

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