When Hearts Surrender

Memories in a Shoebox & Other Keepsakes

by Ronald Montgomery


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Uncovering Answers for the Next Lifetime

When Hearts Surrender answers the profoundly nuanced question "Just what did I learn." In its simplicity, it leads me and my readers into a spiritual and energetic discourse about past actions, consequences and into mindful reviews for determining future directions.

When Hearts Surrender explores this question in a poetic written review through the canyons and peaks of shared human experiences.

In the poetry here, I confess to being an "old soul." I share lessons I wish I’d known from my time(s) before and the lessons I have learned this time ‘round.


About the Author

Ronald Montgomery

Ronald Montgomery is an observer and frequently a participant in his poetry that captures poignant elements of the human condition. His style of writing very much approximates the functions of a camera that captures the emotions - tragedy and joys of living - a single moments and events in time. Through his lens he has a clear view of either a retrospective mirror or a wide-angle view of life's stage. His is a talent heralded by many as one of the most imaginative and insightful poets of this age. He is the author of several books of poetry. This anthology is a compilation of his best works, along with new poems. Unlike any previous book, he provides an up-close look at his motivations and thought processes as he provides answers to frequently asked questions to his readers. By any measure, this is a book work reading and digesting individually or in a classroom.

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