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This is a powerful testimony to the power of prayer. Healing, love, joy, peace and prosperity are available to all who believe and connect with a higher spirit.

We must focus on that higher spirit within us to receive the blessings that are available to all when we take action. The author reveals specific strategies for accessing that power. This is a must read for anyone serious about deepening their prayer life, walking into their destiny and maximizing the fullness of life.


About the Author

Dr. Deborah D. Dancy

Dr. Deborah D. Dancy resides in Boston, Massachusetts USA. As a Lifestyle Coach, Author, Educator and Preacher she has impacted the lives of thousands. She is a firm believer in the power of prayer and its impact on the human spirit. She has faithfully served the Lord for decades and knows that miracles happen every day for those who believe. She is a GOD chaser !!!

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