Band of Tears

Obsidian Saga

by Patricia Vuillemot


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Their time has come…but, they will not go! They violate the laws of nature and clutch to the living to reveal their secrets from beyond the grave.

Band of Tears continues in this EVVY Award Winning Nominated novel... Last year’s dreamscape phenomenon has brought the beautiful red-haired Theresa to a new bone chilling journey as the Band of Tears continues in the Obsidian Saga. Enmeshed in an eighteen year old missing person case, Theresa finds herself wading between the past and the present only to find her preternatural gifts unleashed again. Back in Wisconsin, this time with her detective friend, Danica, by her side, Theresa finds herself unleashing a repository of secrets that seep from the grave, secrets that reveal hidden desires with unbearable consequences for the living. On her quest for the truth, what will the dead reveal to Theresa and how does this ultimately tie into the discovery of herself and her life?


About the Author

Patricia Vuillemot

Hot off the footsteps of her last novel Patricia weaves a dreamscape of desire and passion turned to murder in the Obsidian Saga of the Band of Tears. A native of Illinois, Patricia makes her home on an acre of country land outside of Chicago with her husband and children. She is a Chicagoland award winning Vice President of Marketing and an EVVY Award Winning Nominee.

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Band of Tears
Band of Tears