26 Tips FOR Easier Living with Diabetes

by Amy Jordan


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Amy Jordan is an author, inspirational speaker, consultant, and choreographer. She is a motivator, coach, fitness expert and a classically trained dancer who embodies her mantra, Dance Because You Can. If you live with diabetes then you know all too well the challenges of managing the condition. This book is a simple and heartfelt guide to diabetes management. It is also meant to help those of us who have grown up with diabetes educate and integrate our condition socially, emotionally and physically. Simply put, these are tips I wish I had at my fingertips over 45 years ago when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I hope this little book is a source of comfort, a reminder you are AMAZING and something to give to friends and colleagues on how they too can support easier living with diabetes. This is for YOU. Enjoy, prosper, thrive and Congratulations. ~Amy Jordan

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