Perfection is a Direction, Not a Destination

In Search of Simplicity

by Ronald Smalls


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Come to a speedy conclusion with the reading of these thoughts, ideas, and concepts

This book gives insight into how you should start, perform and complete a task. Note, however, it is not a cookbook. It is more like an indication and simplification of when and how to start and stop an activity or thought process. Once you have read and understood these ideas/concepts, you can apply them to all task and lifelong decisions. What you will learn mostly from this book is that perfection is a direction, not a destination. That light in the distance is perfection, just head in that direction. You will not arrive, but you will grow and improve immensely.


About the Author

Ronald Smalls

My name is Ronald Smalls. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in December of 1957. I attended Hanna Elementary School, Shoemaker Junior High School, and Overbrook High School (Class of ’75). Tuskegee Institute (Class of ’80), Montgomery College, and UMUC comprises my college years. My professional career includes Software Engineering and Testing (30 years), Owner of a Moving Company and small store (nine years and two years, respectively), while concurrently substitute teaching in Montgomery County, Maryland, (25 years). Now, I am independent of and invisible to society; I plug in as needed. I spend most of my time discussing independence, finance, and leadership.

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