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Colony XO is a saga of Caitlyn and a colony of teens alone on a hero’s Journey to a distant exoplanet for the survival of the human species.

Dr. Carr will always be a physician and scientist at heart, but he also has a love of the creative arts.An example of those creative urges is the combination of science fiction and child personality development.

He says, “I’ve always had a keen interest in how my teenage daughter and her friends interacted, including the middle school drama, especially during the adolescent period of change, with its mating rituals and rivalries. I’m fascinated with how these conflicts shape their character. How much of who they will become is nature versus nurture. What if they were left to their own devices, without parental or societal influences. What would happen? These were the background questions that led to this science-fiction drama, Colony XO.”


About the Author

Jesse Carr, MD

Dr. Jesse Carr, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist and has been practicing for more than twenty-seven years. He completed his residency at the University of Southern California in 1991 and has served as a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the same institution. He is also a seasoned researcher and has conducted more than one hundred clinical research studies as the principal investigator. Dr. Carr is also the author of Got a Bad Picker?,a how-to book packed with holistic exercises designed to help with that all-important moment in life: choosing a life partner.

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