Sermons from the Mount of Transfiguration

by Donovan Reid


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Sermons with a fresh, soul-searching perspective that will transfigure any reader seeking to discover the deeper things of God

This collection of sermons, the third installment in the series from the Mount of Transfiguration, provides a clear, simple, cutting edge and yet profound perspective on a range of special topics such as one’s burning bush experiences, the God in our midst, tithing and giving, faith, the parable of the loving father and barriers to group-based discipleship. Topics for special seasons of the Christian faith such as Lent, Palm Sunday, Advent and Christmas are rendered in a fresh and practical way to help persons live victorious lives.


About the Author

Donovan Reid

Donovan Reid, a sought-after preacher and Bible Teacher, has addressed congregations all across Jamaica and in Guyana. His clear, insightful and profound delivery has helped persons of all ages and stages in their spiritual journey to draw closer to God through a deeper understanding of His Word. Donovan and his wife, Sharon, live in Kingston, Jamaica. Their adult children Alicia, Jason and his wife Courtney, also reside in Jamaica.

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