The Temporal Engineering™ of Software

Robot Arm and ETL Data Migration

by Gordon Morrison


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As the title of the book suggests, this book is about the process of Temporal Engineering™ software. This is NOT the process currently called software engineering, which is primarily an administrative process and Spatial Engineering™. To engineer Temporal Software is a skill and discipline that can be repeated over and over. It is based on knowledge gained from proper mentoring and repeated reviews of one’s skills. Temporal software is coherent from beginning to end, and is so coherent that the model is the application.

Temporal Engineering of software is a disruptive technology because it greatly reduces size, complexity and thereby cost. With the cost to develop software at $10 to $100+ per line of code, reducing application size and complexity is extremely important to the corporate bottom line. When a temporal architecture is fully implemented it can reduce the size of applications up to 50% and reduce complexity by a factor of up to three times and yet maintain the same functions and features.


About the Author

Gordon Morrison

Gordon Morrison is an innovator, inventor, consultant, author, and speaker. Gordon has spoken at NASA/IEEE Joint Conference, conference, IEEE meetings, U of Missouri, U of Houston, Lockheed ATL, SRI International, CodeRage5, and the DACS webinar. He invented the technology known today as Multi-Core and Hyper-Threading technology (U.S. Patent 4,847,755) licensed to Intel, IBM, TI, Motorola, Apple, and many others. Gordon has six patents covering software architecture and five patent covering hardware architecture. Gordon has developed real-time radar control systems, extensive database systems, developed high-performance communications systems, and developed micro-code for animation and national weather radar systems. Gordon’s main interest is aimed at improving the quality of software. Gordon is actively seeking consulting, speaking, mentoring opportunities with the focus on helping engineers and management applying Temporal Engineering skills to improving the quality of software and reducing complexity. LinkedIn Profile:

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