The Quilter and the Quail

by Donna Gibbs CSJ


Book Details

The Wisdom of Wild Places

The magnificent Southwest Desert is endlessly fascinating to Toni the quilter and her husband. They love the light and shadow, colors and contrasts—and of course, they enjoy being surrounded by wildlife. One day, Toni’s husband finds orphaned quail eggs and brings them home. Toni knows how to make inspiring quilts, but how can her creativity help these wild creatures? She delves deep into ancestral wisdom and the quail begin to thrive. Will her quail chicks ever meet their wild family? This tender, beautifully illustrated story illuminates how humanity is linked with wild nature and offers a gentle lesson about stewardship.


About the Author

Donna Gibbs CSJ

Donna Gibbs, CSJ, writes and illustrates children’s books with ecological themes. Her goal is to help parents and educators midwife a new wisdom in our children, who will inherit the ability to influence everything that happens to living Earth. An elementary school teacher for thirty years, Gibbs has a degree in Child Development and a master’s degree in Earth Literacy and Art Therapy.

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