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When the winter comes and the cold wind blows, there is more food to gather...

Visit Grandma and Granddad’s farm and help plant, harvest, and enjoy the delicious produce that grows there! This delightful book will inspire children to get involved in planting a garden and learn where nuts, fruits, and vegetables come from. After all, kids are more likely to eat the food they grow!


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I love visiting my grandmother and granddad. They live on a large farm where they grow lots of nuts, fruits, and vegetables.


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Liller Hamilton

Liller Hamilton is a retired schoolteacher who taught pre-school for more than twenty years. Her awards include a three-time incentive award, Channel 6 TV Teacher of the Week, District Teacher of the Year, and Excellence Teaching. Mrs. Hamilton hosted a field trip to the farm each year where she still lives in South Carolina.

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