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Travel in the spring is lovely, unless you are racing against time to prevent a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. From simple shopkeeper to Deceris’ Chosen to ruler of the nation of Decera, Mirah’s life has been anything but ordinary. Now she must face her biggest challenge yet; an ancient prophecy brought to life by an old enemy who outwits her at every turn; a prophecy that could annihilate time itself. But buried in that prophecy is a terrible truth; for the gods are not what they seem and the very core of human belief is about to be rewritten. With time running out and her own subjects acting against her, Mirah will have to listen to the voices of the dead and her own companions—instead of the god to whom she’s devoted her life—if she is to succeed.


About the Author

T. L. Howard

From the first day she can remember, Toni has been fascinated with the “what-ifs” in life, sometimes to the point of distraction. Early on, she found the only way she could satisfy this curiosity was to write, to create worlds and fill them with people living out the “what-ifs” her mind insisted on conjuring. To this day, she can’t stop creating worlds based on the “what-ifs”. Born and educated in the state of Nebraska, she currently resides there where she is employed at the university. Her first two books, “The Crystal Key” and “Corryn’s Stone” created the world and brought Mirah and her companions to life sending them on life altering adventures. The Final Choosing, the last book in this series, takes them on yet another quest which will forever change the world. When not writing, which is seldom as demonstrated by her bad housekeeping, she enjoys needlework, walking, and a good movie.

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