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“Another captivating and suspenseful story involving Paul Waring!”

After retiring to South Carolina, Paul Waring unexpectedly starts a second career in law enforcement as the commander of the Georgetown County Major Case Squad. As he and others finish wrapping up the remaining few loose ends of a murder investigation they have been working, several former members of a notorious drug cartel make a bold and daring escape from a Mexican prison. Making their way north, Diego Medina and his men cross the border into Texas. Once there, they begin a series of brutal and vicious attacks on several armored cars in different states. Along with a series of other crimes they commit, the armored car attacks are all part of Medina’s plan of seeking revenge for the murder of one of his brothers several years earlier. But while the armored car attacks are executed almost flawlessly, one other attack results in the death of one of Medina’s other brothers. While part of Medina’s devious plan is to become the richest man in Mexico, another part includes kidnapping Paul and his wife, Donna. After using some of his new found wealth to locate the person he hates the most in life, the same person who he believes is responsible for the murders of his brothers, Medina and his gang head to Connecticut to extract their revenge. But as they do, Paul has plans of his own to halt this series of armored car attacks. At the same time, he must also figure out a way to not only protect Donna, but to recover the staggering amount of money that has been stolen. But how can Paul prevent this sadistic and vicious killer and his gang from striking again? And how is Paul responsible for the deaths of these two brothers? Like the story itself, Medina’s brutal and sadistic plan of seeking revenge will capture your imagination as you read each and every exciting chapter.


About the Author

Peter F. Warren

PETER WARREN is the author of six novels, including MURDER in Murrells Inlet. After graduating from the University of New Haven, he served with the Connecticut State Police Department for many years. An Honor Graduate of the Connecticut State Police Academy, he is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy, in Quantico, VA. After residing in South Carolina for several years, Peter now resides in Connecticut with his wife.

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