A Trip to the Moon

by Geeta Pati


Book Details

A Trip to the Moon is an interesting fictional story of three animals who visit the Moon. In the story, a rabbit, a crow and a fish, with a wise old owl travel to the Moon and learn all the scientific facts about the moon through their exciting fun-filled adventures. From my experience as a mother and teacher, I found most children avoid reading pure science books on their own because they appear monotonous to them. Children love stories. So, I have combined the science with an interesting story of the animals so that the children will enjoy reading the story and simultaneously learn science.


About the Author

Geeta Pati

Geeta Pati is a children’s science writer. She has published several books in India and in US. She strongly believes in teaching science to children and young adults through interesting and humorous stories and illustrations. She was a volunteer teacher in an elementary school in Maryland, helping developmentally challenged children with reading and math. Geeta was born in India and received a graduate degree in Psychology prior to immigrating to the United States. Since then, she has been devoted to the education of children in the physical and biological sciences. She is a mother of four. Her husband is a Physics Professor.

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