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A Fresh Perspective on Achieving Bountiful, Beautiful Relationships

Unwilling to be a statistic? What if you had the tools to create and sustain a truly loving partnership? This visionary guide for couples cuts through generations of programmed expectations and misinformation using modern psychology, a sense of humor, and a poet’s heart, to give you new hope and a focused, exciting direction to travel. Ranging from the mythic to the mundane, author Vito Mucci shows you how to weave a colorful, resilient cord from the many threads of duality. Touching on everything from elements of masculine and feminine in the solar system to how to reframe resentment of household chores, Party of 2 explores what is possible in synergy, and confronts the static, codependent dynamics many of us have been taught to endure. What do you want? What is possible? Are you willing to accept the challenge of true partnership? When you have the capacity to answer these questions, you will be ready to redefine what a relationship should look like—and embark on the most rewarding adventure of your life.


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Vito Mucci

Vito Mucci is the author of Coffee for Consciousness 101, a guide to achieving fuller consciousness. His experience of learning to live with psychological and emotional disabilities gives him a uniquely present and engaged perspective on life and relationships. He lives in union with the love of his life, Claudia, in the Hudson Valley of New York.

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