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A story of aspirations, scandals, losses, a kidnapping, and redemption.

Abilene, a strong southern woman who aspires to be an opera singer, endures an unhappy childhood. Abilene’s older siblings and father treat her cruelly, but her mother has hopes for her youngest child. Abilene, as an adult, finds herself in a troubling situation, but learns to confront that with courage and conviction after she sees a vision. Her mother, a hard-working seamstress, has a secret that is revealed near the end. Blessings, miracles, visions, redemption, are all a part of this story that takes some surprising twists and turns.


About the Author

Linda E. Warren

Linda E. Warren is a retired public school music teacher, and is currently the Music Director of her church where her husband is the minister. They have two married sons. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching, and enjoys birdwatching, writing music, walking, and yoga.

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