The Widower’s Redemption

by Mike Kostensky


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Life Always Has Another Surprise Waiting…

Coin knew what his life would look like—he and his wife would grow old together, and he’d never be alone. But cancer didn’t care about his plans, and at seventy, he’s a widower, barely able to handle his tragic grief. His eccentric, wise-guy buddy Louie helps him to make it through each pointless day, but Coin doesn’t see why he should keep trying. He’s old, he’s done…or so he thinks. When a polar vortex descends on Michigan, wiping out essential services, Coin and his neighbors must band together to survive. Not only does Coin help to save the people he knows, he also chooses to give sanctuary to a young woman who took her two young children and fled from an abusive relationship. Helping her, turns Coin into a person he never dreamed he could be, but he also never imagined the consequences, as her violent spouse seeks revenge. Heartfelt, rich with memorable characters, and full of twists and turns, The Widower’s Redemption is a compelling story of second chances.


About the Author

Mike Kostensky

Mike Kostensky is the owner of Mike’s Place restaurant in Kent, Ohio. Writing has always been Mike’s passion, as well as a consuming obsession, as he wrestles with the discipline of writing just one book at a time. Usually, he just hangs on to the keyboard and lets the words flow! If you enjoy an action-packed thriller with a touch of romance, you should also read Mike’s 2015 debut novel, The Island of Macbeth. Contact info: Mike or on Facebook@Mike Kostensky fiction author

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