Getting Close Enough to See

by Benjamin Berinti, C.PP.S.


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Evelyn Underhill once wrote: “A thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day for lack of attention.” And attention requires more than a superficial looking and seeing. Every waking moment, illuminations of grace elude us because we are not in the proper position to see and embrace them. In order to see the smallest of revelations, we need to draw near, to be close enough to truly see with eyes that have caught fire! In order to see more closely and clearly, we will need to get into the proper position; in order to see with amazement sparkling in our eyes, we’ll mostly need to stoop down!


About the Author

Benjamin Berinti, C.PP.S.

BENJAMIN BERINTI, C.PP.S. is a Missionary of the Precious Blood. In 31 years of priestly ministry, Fr. Berinti has served as a university professor of religion and humanities, campus minister, and parish pastor. A well-respected pastor, teacher, retreat leader, author and theologian, Fr. Ben is engaging, creative and inspirational in his ministry of the Word. He previously published two collections of spiritual essays, “Firestarters: For the Seasons of Our Life” and “Tucked in the Rocks: Life Lessons from the Land of Enchantment.”

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