Murder, Mystery & Mayhem in Minnesota

by Patricia Lubeck

Murder, Mystery & Mayhem in Minnesota

Murder, Mystery & Mayhem in Minnesota

by Patricia Lubeck

Published Dec 07, 2016
158 Pages
Genre: HISTORY / United States / State & Local / General


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Crime and Punishment

Redwood County was not free of crime in its early existence. There were reports of numerous assaults, larcenies, embezzlement, burglaries, frauds, forgeries, arson, bootlegging, and many other crimes that can be committed by man, but murders usually got the most attention because of their violence. There were three murders in 1888, two in 1897, four in 1899, two in 1909, and others averaging one per year. The criminal side of a county’s populace is the least pleasant of all aspects of history, but it is a pattern of development that cannot be denied. Crimes share the history of a place, just as do the deeds of honor. This is a small collection of early crime and punishment in Redwood County.


Book Excerpt

"Gentlemen, you realize that I stand on this platform tonight as a poor, unfortunate man, who in a few minutes must swing. I see a number of faces before me which I know and some of you, gentlemen, will surely live to see the day that I shall be declared innocent".... (William Rose's final words at the gallows) Excerpt from "Hanged Twice"


About the Author

Patricia Lubeck

Patricia Lubeck grew up in a small town in rural Minnesota with four sisters and three brothers. Her interest in history became an important part of her life in later years. She left rural life after graduation and moved to Minneapolis where she spent several years exploring the big city. In 1982, she moved to California earning her Bachelor’s Degree from University of CA, Santa Barbara; majoring in anthropology, psychology and sociology. Strong family ties returned her to Minnesota in 2005. She resides in Belview, only four miles from her childhood home. She is the curator at the county museum in Redwood Falls. Much of her pastime is spent visiting historic sites and museums across the country. Cover image: an architect's sketch of Redwood County Courthouse, circa 1890

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