Palm Tree Living

Living The Good Life

by Rev. Jacky Connell


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Palm Tree Living is consistently living in, experiencing, and enjoying the abundant, victorious Christian life, despite the challenges, circumstances, or the climate you are in now or may face in the future.

The good life, not just for a few days while you are away on vacation, not just when everything is going your way, just the way you like it, but living the good life all the time! You say, “Impossible!” I say, "Very possible, and even do able!" We will walk through every bit of this, step by step, and by the end of this book, you'll not only "get it," you'll be using these amazing nuggets of information to thrive in your good life, just as the palm tree thrives in the desert and beach sands. Whether you're swaying in a gentle breeze or are trying to survive the cataclysmic hurricanes of life, you will thrive. Whether you're beside the still waters, drinking in abundance, or are sweltering in the heat and drought of life's deserts, you will flourish. "How so, Pastor?" you say. "I mean, you don't know what I'm facing. You don't know the storms I'm in. You can't imagine the drought I'm experiencing in my life." That is true, my friend. I don't know your particular circumstances. But I do know the Creator of the palm tree, and I do know what He has promised to those who are planted in Him. Here in this book, we will learn God's way for Christians to, not just survive, but thrive and flourish in the harsh climates we endure in this life.


About the Author

Rev. Jacky Connell

Pastor Jacky Connell is a Pastor, Teacher, Author, Motivational Speaker & Conference Leader. Pastor Connell has served as the Senior Pastor of Eden Westside Baptist Church for over 30 years. Rev. Connell was saved at the age of 12 years old and began his spiritual journey. In 1981, he accepted the call into the ministry and that same year began pastoring his first church. Pastor Connell married his high school sweetheart, Denise Lovvorn, in 1974 and they currently live in Leeds, AL. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. Pastor, Teacher, Author, Motivational Speaker, Conference Leader Pastor Jacky Connell is a God-called minister and Bible teacher. He loves preaching and teaching the Word of God and seeks to empower people to reach their full potential through a personal relationship with our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Under his leadership, Eden Westside Baptist Church has grown tremendously. Prior to becoming a pastor, Connell spent a number of years in the business world in a leadership role. He understands the value of empowering people to be the best they can possibly be. Now, in addition to his extensive work in empowering the Christian community and leading others to Christ, he provides regular leadership workshops for the local business community.

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