The Mystery of Marriage

by John DeFoore


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After talking with more than one thousand marriages—over a course of forty years—I have learned a few things about building a happy marriage. This book is designed to communicate this information to those couples who have this goal in mind. The process is simple but it is certainly not easy. My best to those of you who make the decision to build a happy marriage.


About the Author

John DeFoore

John DeFoore comes from Mississippi where he completed two undergraduate degrees, left to serve in the US Army in the South Pacific. He later returned to earn a Master of Theology degree before serving as a missionary to Alaska. He did further post-graduate studies in Scotland and Austria before moving to Texas in 1961. John founded Pastoral Care and Counseling Center of Abilene in 1972 where he later met and became business partners with Marion Sue Jones who was heading a similar program in nearby San Angelo, Texas. In 1977, John moved to the Boerne, Texas, area where he and Marion Sue founded and now own and operate Consultant Services. Over the past thirty years John has talked with thousands of people from around the world and has facilitated hundreds of seminars and workshops for industry leaders and business owners. Other books by John DeFoore include Books by John DeFoore “Secrets of the Heart” “Intimacy: Lonely No More” “The Shadow in My Smile” “As Happy As You Want To Be!”, Co-Author with Marion Sue Jones “Miles and Smiles; Years and Tears”

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