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In Kentucky, where basketball is oxygen, Tommy Gunn plays his way into the NCAA title game. Despite the warnings of his sweetheart Lori, Tommy takes a big bribe to lose the game and then a bigger bribe to injure an opponent and win the game. Consumed by greed, he reneges on all deals, steals all the money, and escapes into troubled exile hounded by Russian and Italian bookies. Adopting a stolen identity, he builds a team using lies, rules violations, and sheer audacity to claw his way back to the top. Tommy will fake, take, and forsake anything to win games, but he can’t regain Lori’s love unless he turns his back on greed and finds salvation in a hope-starved place called Rio Feo.


About the Author

Steven Lane Smith

Steven Lane Smith graduated from the University of Missouri and attended law school at the University of Louisville. He was an Air Force fighter pilot, a test pilot, and an airline captain. He and his wife Aileen D’Arcy live in New England.

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