On My Own

Recollections of an Unlikely CEO

by Bruce Hendrick


Book Details

A Boyhood Story of Surviving Family Crisis

When severe mental illness strikes a young family in 1961, each member must sort things out as best they can: typically on their own. These are days of mystery, confusion, and secrets, where “normal” is an elusive prize. As the middle child of three small boys, the author invites us into his world as he attempts to makes sense of their shared isolation. It’s a story of adversity and resilience, love and pain, and the unrelenting compulsion to overcome through achievement. Yet there are few villains or victims in these pages. Bruce Hendrick relates with refreshing humor and transparency what it was like to grow up in an environment of well-meaning people who faced life’s challenges without the coping tools or understanding they desperately wanted. As the chapters unfold, we participate in Bruce’s journey as he gets himself into and out of trouble on a regular basis. We smile as we witness the foolhardiness of a decent but often misguided boy and watch as a budding trailblazer comes of age, one who is repeatedly the last to recognize his own leadership potential. Readers are often carried back to their early years as they recall similar predicaments and victories, taking comfort in their own measures of spirit and…well, dumb luck. The bittersweet boyhood adventures of this future CEO are sure to leave you moved, inspired, and thirsting for more.


About the Author

Bruce Hendrick

Hendrick grew up facing significant mental illness in his family. He spent his life learning to cope with and then to overcome these challenges. This story is an honest and often humorous retelling of the boyhood adventures that led to the resiliency and resourcefulness that prepared him to lead others. Bruce has three grown children: daughters Kelly and Kara, and son Kirk. He and his cat Karlie reside in Wayne County, Ohio.



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