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Blaine and Beyer launch into the Arizona skies on another thrilling Mitch Blaine adventure!

In the highly anticipated sequel to The Escalante Enigma, Blaine and Beyer, recuperating from their recent narrow escape from almost certain death in a lost canyon in Utah, are about to call off their afternoon’s fishing in Apache Lake, Arizona, when a girl literally drops in on them from an aircraft flying overhead—plummeting into the water and sinking to the bottom without a sound. Mitch Blaine, ever the recalcitrant hero, dives in after her and spends several terrifying minutes releasing her from the heavy bars wired to her feet. Her name is Gabby Alvarado, and Blaine wants her to have a new chance at life. But the story she tells of the events preceding her near-drowning lead Blaine and Beyer on a hunt for lost Spanish silver, a long-abandoned railroad, and ultimately to a murderous gang of drug-runners and human traffickers—one of the most cold-blooded bands of thugs they have ever encountered. And now the gang wants Blaine and Beyer dead… Join Blaine and Beyer in yet another action-packed, adrenaline-fueled escapade in the skies with Rod Lewin’s latest novel, The Carrizo Conundrum.


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“O.K. Beyer, let’s get to work,” I said, as I put the PBY into a steep left bank and, using the pre-programmed GPS, homed directly for the tunnel entrance on the north side of the trestle. “We’ve got some train-wrecking to do"....I hit the firing button for the two starboard missiles. The plane lurched as they leapt out of their pods. I caught a momentary flash as the Griffins exited the tubes and ignited their rocket propellant....At the same time, I poured on the coals, shoved the throttles up to full emergency manifold pressure, and hauled back on the yoke, heaving the PBY around in a hard climbing turn to avoid colliding with the mountainside I had just been aiming at. Seconds later, a huge fireball erupted just abeam the north end of the trestle.... “By George, I think you got it,” Beyer shouted...


About the Author

Rod Lewin

Rod Lewin was born in Brisbane, Australia. His acclaimed autobiography, Steel Spine, Iron Will, which chronicles his recovery from paralysis after a near-fatal plane crash, has been in constant demand for over two decades. Rod has spent the last thirty-five years as a professional aviator. He has had a love of seaplanes his entire life, and has flown them to the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, the far outback of Western Australia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Greece and the Greek Islands, and most recently in Alaska, as well as flying DC-3s, 727s, and 737s in the United States. The Carrizo Conundrum, the second in a series of aviation-action-adventure novels, is drawn from some of his own astonishing exploits.

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