Tales of the Tribe


by Marvin Welborn


Book Details

A book of Mythopoeia

Society creates the stories it tells itself: factual, specious, apocryphal, or dishonest; by any rendition, according to Wallace Stevens, it will still be a fiction. Myth wears the clothes of its culture, will always be a social fact, and those who would eschew these basic facets of humanity, will prove themselves the poorer. Truths are to be found in Myths, even if Metaphorical. This is a book of Mythopoesis – Mythoi, by verse.


About the Author

Marvin Welborn

Marvin Welborn lives and writes among the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Central Virginia. His first book of verse was entitled Union Station and Paradigm Shift – A book of Americana. Tales of the Tribe is his second publication – A book of Mythopoeia.