Relationship Reboot

Tech Support for Love

by Debra D. Castaldo, Ph.D.


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OMG! Your Relationship is Crashing! Warning: Your relationship is powering down. If you hit CANCEL you will lose all unsaved feelings of love. You have now lost your connection to AOL, (Appreciation, Openness, and Love)! Quick, hit all the F buttons at once and hold! Now click on Help! Don’t panic, power down, power back up! Nothing’s happening! Your finger is hovering over Delete. Are you sure you want to send your relationship to the recycle bin? Have you reached the realization that not only have you fallen out of love, you are frozen in complete misery? You may be ready to hit Delete and send your relationship crashing into the trash bin for good, and you may feel that your only option is to become another casualty of the divorce/break up epidemic. Are you struggling with questions such as these: Should I hit delete and power down for good because the love is completely gone? Should I take my chances and go out and shop around for a better model? Should I stay even if it means settling for a lifetime of misery? After all the damage that has been done, is there still hope that we can reboot? Whether you have been struggling in your relationship for thirty days or thirty years, you don’t have to become another casualty of the divorce/break up epidemic! If you once had love, companionship, connection, intimacy, and fun, you can successfully reboot, and it is worth the effort! Even if you have already crashed emotionally, sexually, and spiritually, Relationship Reboot is the perfect program to cure your relationship viruses! In this timely divorce/break up prevention guide and workbook, Dr. Debra Castaldo provides couples with the “best of the best” cutting edge techniques and skills she has developed in over twenty-five years as a couples and marriage therapist. In the tradition of solution-focused therapy, Dr. Castaldo uses her optimistic, solution-focused coaching style to teach couples how to become their own “Tech Squad for Love”: an expert solution-searching team! She operates from her commitment to the belief that the best experts to save a relationship are the couple themselves! Dr. Castaldo guides couples through her step-by-step program with practical, solution-focused exercises that teach them how to: get powered back up, design unique solutions, and get their relationship back online quickly and permanently! What readers will learn in Relationship Reboot: Ten Reasons Why Relationships Crash The Seven Deadly Viruses Ten Steps to Become a Search Engine for Solutions The DVD- itis Cure: Refresh Your Respect Program The Killer App for Conflict, CDROM: The Antidote for GPS/OCD Syndrome The Three Love Byte Remedy How to Get Over Your Selfie Infection How to Restart Your Drive Staying Linked In: Ten Tips for OMG Sex Final Operating Instructions: The Secret to Rebooting for Life In Real Time - Real life experiences of couples who successfully rebooted.


About the Author

Debra D. Castaldo, Ph.D.

Debra D. Castaldo, Ph.D. , has been a couples and family therapist for more than twenty- five years, and is the author of two previous books: Divorced without children: Solution focused therapy with women at midlife, and Gifts of love: Solutions for all seasons. She has been featured as a relationship expert on CNN, FOX Good Day New York, NBC The 10 Show, The Bill Cunningham Show, The WOW Show, and on various radio programs including Sirius XM. She has also been featured in Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Woman's Day, More, Shape, and Girl's Life magazines. She has been a faculty member at Columbia, Rutgers, Barry, and New York Universities, and has taught numerous relationship workshops and courses in corporate and personal growth settings. She is the founder and director of The Center for Couples and Family Solutions in the New York City area, where she maintains a private practice in couples and family therapy.