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Are you aware that your dog’s bad behaviors may be a direct result of your actions? Are you aware that you may be training your canine companion to be a “Bad Dog?” How can you expect your dog to follow the house rules if he or she has never even been taught what those rules are? How can you expect your dog to succeed when you repeatedly set him or her up for failure? As a dog trainer with 13 years experience, I've taught owners that dogs only do what their environment allows them to get away with. As an owner, you play a crucial role in your dog’s emotional and physical development so it’s important you learn what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do in order to achieve success. It’s time you transform your dog’s behaviors by taking the reins and becoming a better teacher, leader and owner. After all, shouldn’t your goal should be to enjoy life with a social canine; a dog you can be happy to show off to both family and friends. Let this book teach you how to be the kind of owner your dog needs you to be!


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Jill Keaton

Jill Keaton has been training dogs and their owners for the past thirteen years and is the owner of The Social Canine, a doggie daycare in Westford, MA. As an in-home dog trainer, she has helped thousands of owners improve communication with their dogs and in turn, improve the quality of life they share together. Jill currently lives in Littleton, MA, with her husband Jim, their two daughters and a twelve-year-old rescue dog, named Meagan.

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