With Love from Mangalore

The Story Not Told of Love and Promises

by Clive Ramgoolam


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This novel combines biography and fiction that involves an indentured worker who came to the Caribbean from India. He journeyed with the hope of becoming rich from the gold that was promised to those who made the trip to the Caribbean. The plot is developed in the setting of the new world where old dreams die and new dreams are born on the pristine islands of the Caribbean. Two families are locked in a legal and ethical battle for three generations as a result of a broken promise of marriage in the city of Mangalore. The warring Raju family and Sundar family prosper, and two brilliant successful female executives gradually take control of the traditionally male dominated, rival companies. They are intent on breaking the deadlock but encounter several challenges. Simultaneously, the only male member of the Raju family, who had reneged on his promise to marry the rich Sundar heiress, falls in love in the Caribbean, marries and starts his own family line. The novel captures the growing pains and adventure of the pioneering family in the multicultural society of the British colony. The story is narrated by one of the grandsons of the Raju family. As fate would have it, his son “Nathan”, an international teacher in Malaysia, comes into contact with members of the Raju and Sundar families, in Mangalore on a school trip. Issues of love and promises arise again, and are resolved, and the chain of broken families are united together again after three generations of separation.


About the Author

Clive Ramgoolam

The author of this novel is ACL of Academics at Central Etobicke H.S. in Etobicoke, in the Toronto District School Board. He has taught English and Canadian law in four schools in Toronto, and has served as curriculum leader in English and literacy for over five years. He has been a high school teacher in Trinidad for twelve years and in the city of Toronto for twenty four years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Diploma in Education, has the Specialist Qualifications in ESL, English and History and the Principal’s Certification. He is the grandson of an indentured worker and his narration of the novel is motivated by the need to tell a story that belongs to people of all races and cultures, immigrants and their descendents, who made their homes in foreign lands. He had firsthand knowledge of the experiences of the indentured worker and early life in Trinidad, as told by his grandfather and as witnessed by the author as a young boy, growing up in Trinidad. He has written a number of academic essays and papers and this is his first novel.

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