The She Wolf

A Novella By

by T. L. Needham


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A Mind-Expanding Novella By Award-Winning Author T. L. Needham.

When 14-year-old Teddy Bredwell’s dog Chase takes off after a she-wolf in the woods, Teddy fears his beloved pet is gone forever. Despite his parents’ warnings not to venture into the woods alone, Teddy sets out to find his dog—but what he discovers in the shadows of the thick trees is a world beyond this realm and reality. There is a time, just after sundown, when the full moon rises in direct opposition to the setting sun. A time before the sunlight surrenders to the darkness…and the full moon’s glow asserts its will against the dark…and the sky is no longer blue, but not yet black…and hovers in an electric glow of deep indigo. But only on the most rare of nights, the night of the Blue Moon, the Indigo Blue Moon. During this time, deep in the woods, there is a realm where we are no longer here…we are there. We can find ourselves in a space between day and night, between light and dark, between today and tomorrow…between this realm and another. And, perhaps in that time, and that place, we will come upon those who are not from here…but from there.


About the Author

T. L. Needham

T. L. Needham is an award-winning author and a native of Kansas City. His historic memoir, When I Was a Child, was a finalist in the USA Book News, Best Books Award. It received a bronze medal from Readers Favorite, and a gold medal from Global eBook Awards; the book’s cover was awarded an honorable mention. Needham’s poetry collection, Pesky Poems, was awarded a silver medal by Readers Favorite, and his children’s Christmas story poem, Kitty Claus, won a gold medal from Readers Favorite. Needham authored Winning and Keeping Relocation Business in 1986. He also founded and wrote for Relocation/Realty UPDATE news magazine during the 1980s and 90s, and was publisher of Kansas City Parent magazine. Needham was a national speaker and trainer on corporate relocation and real estate issues during the 1980s and 1990s. He lives in Illinois.

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