Alive in the Light

Remembering Eternity

by Andy Petro


Book Details

I Remember Living in the Light

Andy's first book, Remembering The Light Through Prosetry, described his recollections of his Near-Death Experience (NDE) and his passage into the Light with prose and poetry. In this book, he describes what it actually felt like to be alive in the unconditional loving Light.


About the Author

Andy Petro

His memories of the Light are not retained as words, but rather, they are composed of feelings, images, and an embedded knowing that is unattainable in our three-dimensional world. His goal in writing this book was to translate his memories from eternity into words, analogies, and metaphors that could be understood here on earth. What does it feel like to be alive in the Light, to be alive in eternity? In two words—pure ecstasy.

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