Igniting an East-West Globalizing Dialogue Volume I

Thus Spoke Chuang Tzu

by Jade Yu


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Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) consists of a twofold component: Infinite Creative Potentiality (ICP) and Ultimate Freedom (UF). ICP is the wave. UF is the ocean. Beyond a liberating worldview, IPT is a reminder of how the slightest ripples create the mightiest waves. Within those waves - the life force - is everything and nothing, real and imagined. With IPT, I propose a qualitative ontological paradigm shift from the phenomenological-metaphysical dyad to one of ICP-UF. Through a meditation of East and West between Chuang Tzu and Nietzsche, along with an impressive cast of brilliant philosophical minds in a fable-like setting, I offer this exercise to open up a global dialogue towards a comprehensively educated viewpoint and daresay, prescient worldview.


About the Author

Jade Yu

Jade Yu is an artist, writer, and philosopher from California with a unique worldview goal of empowering others to achieve their highest potential in every way possible. Infinite Potentiality Theory is her first foray into inspiring others to their best self. By so doing, she believes others will be inspired by example in a powerful ripple-wave effect. To bring her theory into practical and everyday relevance, she writes to a blog (www.icptheory.com) .

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