Jump Roping through The Labyrinth to the Abyss--finding God

by Elton Houck


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On our pilgrimage, we often find ourselves adrift on a boundless sea, tossed about in raging storms. Feeling lost and without hope, crashing upon rocky shoals, our souls cry in the night. We would run and hide, but alas, there is no sanctuary where we can abide. A phantom wind blows cold across our skin, and we shiver like children creeping about in the shadow fold of night, afraid of the dark and fearful of the light. We see the world as a wonder, a wicked delight, a somber dirge, a fool’s tale of pride, hubris, joy, hope, and defeat—and although wounded in the fray, we fight on ’til the day God takes us home again to the garden. Jump Roping Through the Labyrinth to the Abyss is a whimsical and moving collection of poetry, song, and prose, unveiling the many roads upon which the author traveled—until God revealed the narrow path of salvation through Jesus!


About the Author

Elton Houck

Elton Houck has BAAS and MLA degrees from Dallas Baptist University. He lives in Duncanville, Texas, with his wife Sheila and their dog Boo. A poet, artist, and songwriter, Elton is also the author of The Windows of Heaven, volumes 1 and 2, and ‘The 6th Day—the mud walks and talks.’

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