Safety Impacts the Bottom Line

Working to Improve Your Safety Culture

by Roosevelt Smith


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When it comes to workplace safety, it is a lot easier to prepare for an emergency than explain why you did not.

Our task, as business leaders, is to continue to reduce risk, secure our workers and increase our safety lifestyle. Demonstrating the value of safety to management is often a task because the revenue (ROI) can be complicated to evaluate. Safety needs to be inserted naturally into the entire working environment, starting at the top level. Safety factors are something you want to be proactive with, not reactive. Creating a safety program will eventually help your organization’s bottom line.


About the Author

Roosevelt Smith

Roosevelt a native Texan grew up in the small town of Bay City, Texas, about 70 miles south of Houston. Roosevelt obtained a Bachelors of Science from Texas Southern University, a Graduate certificate and a Master’s of science in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University. Roosevelt has acquired 34 years of HSE experience in the following industrial areas: oil and gas production, chemical manufacturing, construction, paint manufacturing, and refining.

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