My Country of the Heavenly Queen

by Bernard C. Rauckhorst


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The author of this book relates a story about the Eternal Father giving him a slice of heaven to supervise after the resurrection of our bodies for his effort to promote devotion to our Blessed Mother. His heavenly spiritual advisors suggested he write a book about this event therein further extolling the great power of the Virgin Mary. In this endeavor he has introduced several controversial items such as: 1) Babies born in heaven 2) Predestination 3) Retarded priests 4) Dogma of Mary the Mediatrix of All Grace 5) The work in heaven 6) The heavenly landscape 7) The lack of recognition of the Incarnation 8) Our physical beings If one has never given serious thought to the physical realities of heaven, this book will surely exercise your intellect to correct that mental deficiency. There is no other book like this. If you want to know what heaven looks like you will want to read this book.


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Bernard C. Rauckhorst


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