20 Cruise Tips from a Platinum Cruiser

The Cruise Contessa

by Kaaron Williams

20 Cruise Tips from a Platinum Cruiser

20 Cruise Tips from a Platinum Cruiser

The Cruise Contessa

by Kaaron Williams

Published Apr 12, 2013
91 Pages
Genre: TRAVEL / Food, Lodging & Transportation / Cruises


Book Details

The Cruise Contessa: Cruising offers something for everyone!

Kaaron Williams, The Cruise Contessa, is a VIP/Platinum Cruiser, who enjoys all of the possibilities that cruises offer. Now you can gain valuable insight from this cruise aficionado’s wealth of experience and knowledge. Find out why The Cruise Contessa says that cruising offers something for everyone!

3 of her 12 compelling Reasons why a cruise is the best vacation……ever:

Unbeatable price and value for your hard earned money

Fun: Unprecedented and unbelievable (“Ginormous”) amounts of fun activities

Food: Unlimited 24-hour access to a “Humongous” variety of quality, yummy culinary delights

5 of her 20 priceless Tips on how to plan a cruise:

Budgeting for a cruise

Planning your ultimate cruise vacation: destinations and excursions

What is a VIP/Platinum Cruiser and how do you become one?

The Cruise Contessa’s guide to shopping and souvenirs

Get Ready for Fun!

You work hard, and you deserve the best. Take The Cruise Contessa’s advice to rejuvenate, go on a cruise, and get ready to have fun!

Get Ready, Set ..... Let’s Cruise!


Book Excerpt

“Perhaps you are considering an exciting 7-day dream vacation, or a relaxing long 4-day holiday weekend getaway. Some of you are already planning to embark on your very first cruise, and others are not yet convinced to explore the Wonderful World of Cruising…yet. That’s okay; believe me, this book is for all of you!” “An Exciting Adventure Awaits You. There is a whole new world opening up to you. New horizons, spectacular sunsets, cerulean blue waters, beautiful palm trees in a tropical island paradise, and they are waiting for you as you embark on your first (or next) cruise!”


About the Author

Kaaron Williams

Kaaron Williams lives in Burbank, CA. In her first published book, A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That, The Bruce O’Neal Way of Doing Business, Kaaron offered a 4-step model for success. In this second book, Kaaron has taken her motto “If You Love It, Do It!” to a new level, by meshing her love of helping people and her passion for writing with her vast cruising experience.

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