Vietnam War: Defining Moment For America

Remembrances and Reflections of an Army Intelligence Officer

by Joseph DiLeonardo


Book Details

“Such Old Eyes...Such Young Faces”

This book is unlike any war book the reader may have previously read. The author writes in the first person, as the events as recorded were his own personal experiences. His goal is to place the reader with him 40 years ago, to experience the lead up to his service in the Vietnam War and the aftermath when he returned home. The author writes almost totally from memory, for him it’s as if the events just happened yesterday. The reader will be impressed as was the author, how he was a participant to some of the major historical events of the Vietnam War. The book follows a 100-year chronology of family history. He shares his emotions, experiences, opinions and makes recommendations. He challenges the readers to consider the same moral dilemmas and decisions he did. Lastly he makes recommendations for the future of America and the future of Warfare.


About the Author

Joseph DiLeonardo

Joseph W. DiLeonardo graduated from the University of Santa Clara in 1965 and was commissioned at the same time as a Reserve Officer in the United States Army. In 1968 the author graduated from the University of Santa Clara with a Juris Doctor degree. He commenced active duty in 1968 completing infantry and intelligence training before being ordered to Vietnam in May 1969. He was assigned Chief Order of Battle Section for the 635th MID of the Americal Division. In June 1970 he was returned to the United States having been awarded the Bronze Star Medal with first Oak Leaf; the Army Commendation medal and two Gallantry Crosses from the Republic of Vietnam. The author practiced law in California and now resides in Colorado near Denver. He has been married to his Wife, Sharon since 1979 and they have one child Christina. The author is active in Veterans groups and in politics.

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