Miguel's Secret Journal The Four Corners of Earth

by A.V. Zeppa


Book Details

Young Adult Gay Literature

The relationship between Miguel and Gabriel intensifies as Miguel starts to make his final transformation into the Archangel Michael, and when Roberto comes into his life. Miguel’s world is changing faster than he ever anticipated as his life is torn apart by two competing worlds. His very existence hangs in the balance in Miguel’s Secret Journal- The Four Corners of Earth. This is the second book in this series.


About the Author

A.V. Zeppa

A.V. Zeppa lives in New York City where he teaches high school English and Music. He attended the University of Michigan where he received a BA in Education. He also received an MA in English Literature from the City College of New York. Zeppa enjoys writing fiction, poetry, short stories, and is also an artist, musician and songwriter.

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