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How Difficult Is It To Give Up Our Dreams And, At Last, Accept Another Life?

Neal Austin has a purpose. He intends to make a genuine contribution, to succeed and to achieve financial independence. With his spirit fixed on this goal, he moves through life in relentless pursuit of fulfillment. But at age twenty-eight, when Neal feels he is just drifting, his life takes a dramatic turn. He meets a woman who is determined to show him how to be happy through sunshine and rain, regardless of circumstances. Just when life seems to be coming together for him, a tragic challenge forces Neal to try to rebuild his world, and to deal with the new priorities fate has put before him. Deftly plotted and richly characterized, Happy Lightning provides superb opportunities for reflection on the meaning of life and each person’s legacy, beautifully wrapped in a deeply human story that will resonate in your memory long after the final page is turned.


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Donald Jordan

Donald Jordan lives and works in Columbus, Georgia. He is married and has two daughters. He can be contacted at

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