Multi-Dimensional You Even When Baking Cookies

Science and Spirituality

by Sophia Santucci


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Awaken Your Spirit! Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Today’s world feels like it’s moving at warp speed. And with the many changes that have been occurring on all levels—personally, globally, and economically—many people feel incredible stress. They’re overwhelmed, looking for direction, and seeking answers to all these challenges. Multi-Dimensional You reflects how scientific discoveries and the wisdom of spiritual beings combined can be applied to gain a deeper perspective from the expanded consciousness and how this knowledge can benefit humanity. This book explains how to release your imprisoned spirit from limitations; how to heal the body and mind; how to let go of fear, stress, and worry; and how to move beyond conflict and suffering. It’s a new approach to healing and balance, and it provides an understanding of the workings of the inner universe through the union of Spirit and matter. Learn how to apply this understanding and live a life of positivity, joy, and peace!


About the Author

Sophia Santucci

Sophia Santucci worked in the corporate arena for many years. She is a yoga instructor, Reiki master, reflexologist, and a licensed cosmetologist, and she facilitates transformational workshops, seminars, and meditation classes. At the age of 13, she experienced a cosmic event that changed her entire reality into expanded consciousness through a direct experience with the electromagnetic energy of space and earth, sound and light, and various forces and planes of great magnitude. Sophia is also the author of From Across the Ocean to Electromagnetic Energy in Motion to Waking Up in Light, World’s Greatest Treasures, Reaching the Summit of One’s Nature, and Yoga Practice Demystified, Four Simple Yoga Guidelines to Wellness.

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