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A story about family, international intrigue and espionage.

While taking care of his wife, during her struggle with breast cancer, Adam Stepowski investigates money transfers from an American manufacturer to numbered Zurich bank accounts of phantom Soviet, Russian and Polish companies, and tries to expose the faces behind them. When his family is threatened, the investigative lawyer realizes that he must have come close to some secret knowledge, and is forced into a dangerous game against shadowy opponents at home in the US, across Europe, in Russia, and in Kazakhstan. Stepowski uncovers a clandestine network planning a terror attack which, if not stopped, would lead to a global madness. To prevent it, Adam allies with unexpected partners.


About the Author

Mike Szumanski

Mike Szumanski’s multicultural background and years of worldwide travels substantiate the plots of his novels about international affairs on both sides of the Atlantic. The characters of his stories dance on the stage of an everlasting drama of East and West. His upbringing in the Communist Poland, developed in him a tendency to secretiveness and distrust, character traits which motivate the protagonist of his novels in his actions. The End Game is the second Stepowski novel; the first, The Immigrants, was published in 2007.

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