What Does My Life Teach?

Part 1

by Jose L. Rodriguez


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We Can Learn Abundantly From Others

Each of us has only one life to live, and limited time to live it in. How can we live as well as possible, and make the most of our experiences? Author Jose Rodriguez knows that we can learn a lot both from observing others’ lives, and from generously sharing our own experiences with others. Aided by a prodigious memory, a diary, the encouragement of friends and family, and some well-chosen research materials, Jose takes the reader on a joyful, honest whirlwind tour of his life, sharing ups and downs, laughter and tears. While sharing anecdotes both painful and delightful, Jose asks important questions about the forces that shape our personalities, what creates a family, and how we bring our innermost values to our work and relationships. From long hours laboring on a farm to college days; from first true love to unexpected experiences in the Army; from the thrill of fatherhood to the ecstasy of finding God, What Does My Life Teach? shows us Jose’s life lessons with charm, humor, heart, and wisdom.


About the Author

Jose L. Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez was born in 1954 in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. He is married to Lydia de Jesus Delgado. Together they have four daughters: Haydee, Adelaida, Josephine, and Veronica. Jose has an MBA from Phoenix University, and is a professor of religion in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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