Do Bomb Dogs Dream of Chasing Butterflies?

by Kregg Jorgenson


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“Kregg P.J. Jorgenson combines his gift of storytelling with excellent prose...This book is a great success, a well-imagined plot that is masterfully executed, and a story I’d love to watch on screen. 5 Stars!” —Readers’ Favorites Reviews

DO BOMB DOGS DREAM OF CHASING BUTTERFLIES is the story of a veteran K-9 bomb dog team in combat from the dog’s point of view. Come meet the battle scarred, combat tested, and oh so enlightened Belgian Malinois, Thor, who’ll show that dogs aren’t just mankind’s best friends, but that the special bond that humans and canines have shared throughout the ages is alive and well today, even in the most hazardous of professions in some very, very dangerous places. The Working Military Dogs and their handlers have demonstrated, time and again, that together, they’ll go where others fear with genuine courage, dedication, and an off-beat sense of humor.


About the Author

Kregg Jorgenson

Kregg P.J. Jorgenson is the author of the international Best Selling book, Acceptable Loss: An Infantry Soldier’s Perspective. He is also the author of historical action/adventure novels, 1886—The Last Campaign, The Next Mirage, and the award winning books, Stalking the Dragon—10th Anniversary Edition, and Clubs are Trumps—The Road From Plum Run. A former K-9 officer, he lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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