The BrickHouse Band

How an Ordinary Mid-Life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon

by Lee Witt

The BrickHouse Band

The BrickHouse Band

How an Ordinary Mid-Life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon

by Lee Witt

Published Dec 18, 2009
267 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General


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You Can Accomplish Anything and Here's the Proof!

This is the story of a middle-aged couple who made a decision. While busy in full time careers unrelated to music and having almost no experience, they set out to create the most fun, entertaining and successful corporate and casino cover band on the west coast.

Then... they did it!

In a tremendously competitive environment and against all odds, they succeeded while continuing to work in their chosen full-time professions. Everyone said they couldn't do it. Everyone said they were crazy to even try. And you know what? They were. They were completely crazy, unreasonable and unrelenting in pursuing their dream - and that made all the difference!

In this book you'll learn exactly how they succeeded. You'll also learn why so many business books miss the mark in what it takes to be victorious in your chosen market. In addition, you'll find out why so many leadership books fail to get underneath real human motivation. Finally, you'll gain an understanding of what it takes to create a true business phenomenon - and how talent, financial backing, and experience are completely overrated.

By applying the BrickHouse "Always Advance" Performance Methodology, you can save massive amounts of time, overcome adversity, succeed against the odds, and stand victoriously on the stage of your wildest dreams.

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About the Author

Lee Witt

Businessman, musician and athlete, Lee Witt has over twenty years of experience in communications and project management in the aerospace business. Now CEO of BrickHouse Leadership Solutions, Inc., he and his team train corporations, organizations and schools in the principles of high performance, emotional intelligence, business growth and health. In 2008 Lee authored Become Unstoppable: Take a Different Stance in Life to Stand Up, Stand Out and Deliver Your Best. The book outlines the eight key components for developing an unstoppable human. Lee was also a featured contributor to The Worst Case Business Scenario Survival Guide released in 2009.

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