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These are stories of spirits gone, all too soon, whose tragic existence and passage on this earth were never told. Let these tales stand as testimony to their existence, and serve as a fitting requiem for the one they were denied.


Book Excerpt

"Spirits sublimate, giving form to dark secrets long buried in time echoing a hollow lament to the conscious of the living. Vapor memories distill into living shapes longing to tell, remind, and to be remembered.Just to touch a living soul, and share a tiny tendril of time, and to once more live again if only for a moment, in the memory of the living. For this is the hope of the dead."


About the Author

Dr. C. Thomas Somma

Dr. C. Thomas Somma has served as Professor of Medical Technology for over 33 years at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. These stories resonate with his vast experience in the health sciences as well as his 28 years as an Auxiliary Police Officer with the City of Virginia Beach, VA. They reflect his deep commitment to exposing the hidden horrors of warfare, child abuse and the tragedy of the Holocaust.

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