Sadie the Sled Dog?

by Connie Sather


Book Details

Have you ever heard of a basset hound pulling a dog sled? Sadie hadn’t either. That’s why she wanted so desperately to do it, to try learning everything she could about what it takes to become a sled dog. Read and see how this short, long eared pup works hard to make her dream come true!


Book Excerpt

"Mother, don't you know that sled dogs must have a special diet just before they race? Why, they can only have soft, mushy foods and water. They cannot eat dry dog food because it can hurt their bellies and give them a stomach ache," Sadie explained. She was amazed by how much she was teaching her mom. Moms sure can learn a lot when they listen to their kids she thought.


About the Author

Connie Sather

Connie lives in Michigan with her husband Scott and their dog, Crickett. She loves teaching 3rd grade, writing, reading, snowshoeing, skiing, knitting and working with stained glass. She is currently working on her next book titled Sadie Wins the Race?. Watch for it this fall!

Taylor Knetter, the illustrator, is 16 years old and lives on a small farm with her parents, brothers and sisters. She loves to read and draw.

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