Let Your Innate Sing

The Key to Finding the Life of Your Dreams

by Dr. William A. Kriva

Let Your Innate Sing

Let Your Innate Sing

The Key to Finding the Life of Your Dreams

by Dr. William A. Kriva

Published Nov 30, 2008
89 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational


Book Details

Do you hate your job?

Would you like to have the life of your dreams?

This is the compelling story of a successful engineer who, after 12

years of misery at his job, found the courage to give up his comfortable

existence to pursue the life of his dreams. Dr. Kriva shares with you

the principles he learned along the way and provides you with a clear,

easy to use system to find your own path to the life of your dreams.

This book is written for anyone of any age who is contemplating what to

do next with their lives.


Book Excerpt

The purpose of this book is to provide hope. It is written in the expectation that you who read it may recognize where you are on your particular journey and find in these pages the inspiration to pursue the career of your dreams. I am undertaking this project after being asked more times than I can count about my own life and the decisions that have led me to where I am today. In the following pages you will read the story of how a well paid engineer with a successful twelve year career, a fabulous wife and four children ended up as a successful chiropractor in private practice with a fabulous wife and five children. In the telling of my tale, I will expose you to common threads and basic truths that apply to any person seeking to find their true path in life. I hope you will see in my story a tale not unlike your own. I hope you will find in my experience the courage to pursue your own dreams and the inspiration to step out into a new and wonderful life.


About the Author

Dr. William A. Kriva

Dr. William A. Kriva is a summa cum laude graduate of Palmer College of

Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He is currently the Clinic Director of

Parkview Chiropractic Clinic in Oakdale, Minnesota. Dr. Kriva is also a

popular speaker, providing a variety of natural health related

presentations to both industry and the general public. Dr. Kriva

additionally holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from The

University of Wisconsin - Madison and an MBA from The University of

Wisconsin - Oshkosh. Dr. Kriva resides in Woodbury, Minnesota with his

wife Lynn and their two younger children. They also have three adult


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