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The Catcher In The Rye for the new millenium.

Christopher Davis is the typical American teenager, the boy next door. He's a beacon of hope in a darkening future, an idealist in a land of corruption, and a hero for which the world never asked. Employed by a summer camp following his junior year of high school, Chris is brought face to face with the amoral corruption of an adult world. And of course there's a girl, Tracy Matthews, his bona fide damsel in distress, who’s just one bad decision away from disaster. To protect those around him and be the hero he's vowed to become, Chris must struggle against mounting obstacles, all the while realizing the further he ventures in this world of sex, drugs, and violence, the more he ultimately has to lose.

This raw and uncensored inner monologue offers an unsettlingly honest portrait of the darkest corners of adolescence. Moving at a blistering speed, Christopher Davis flirts more and more with destruction, because ultimately, sometimes doing the right thing is just not enough.

Also by Kevin Vachna